Our Philosophy

At Viavi we have a clear purpose – to put people in control of their health and to help them to live as healthily as possible for as long as possible. To make healthy longevity a reality.

The word “Viavi” was created to mean the path to healthy life.


Behind our approach is a clear set of beliefs.

A view that many health issues that arise – including some of the deteriorations of ageing – are entirely avoidable.

That medicine has focussed more on addressing the symptoms of disease rather than finding the underlying cause.

That as clinical practice has moved increasingly into sub-specialities, we have lost sight of the whole person.

Viavi believes a paradigm shift is required in the way we manage health.

We believe that every one’s health is entirely individual to them. That things shouldn’t just happen with no explanation and that there is always a reason. And that no-one can proactively manage ones health very effectively unless they are able to take into account the complex genetic, medical and lifestyle factors that make each persons health so unique to them.


Viavi applies a fusion of the rapid advances in precision, functional, lifestyle and longevity medicine.

That means we can better understand the complex interconnected processes within the human system, and the relationships between the genetic foundations which are outside our control and the environmental and lifestyle factors that we choose to adopt. We recognise the importance of the role of purpose, the alignment of values and social connectivity in underpinning our longer term health.

Armed with that knowledge, deep individual insight and authoritative guidance, we believe that we can help people be as healthy as they can possibly be, within the life choices they make: to live stronger for longer.

Our clinical model

Viavi developed the proprietary Pyramid of Healthy Longevity, which integrates all of the elements influencing health and longevity

Sabine and her team think holistically. There is an enormous amount of analysis going on underneath the surface that informs their advice. She has been significantly impactful on general health, energy levels, and in dealing with acute issues as they come up.
Chris Rokos
Founder, Rokos Capital Management

The Viavi leadership team

How we began

Our clinical thought leadership and unique integrated approach enables us to predict and proactively manage health and optimise your life.

  • Viavi, the UK’s most advanced health assessment clinic, founded by Dr Sabine Donnai and Chris Jessop at 9 Harley St
  • First international corporate client, Naspers Group
  • Introduced dedicated concierge service for international clients
  • Introduced Viavi nutrients
  • Expanded into existing premises at 9 Devonshire Place
  • The Viavi training academy introduced
  • Introduced new concept health gym
  • Described as 'the Rolls Royce of Health MOTs’ in TV documentary
  • Introduced full DNA profiling
  • Jonathan Wreaves, Head of Professional Services, joined board
  • Brain health service introduced
  • Tom Walker, Chief Operating Officer, joined board
  • Introduced cutting-edge longevity biomarkers
  • New branding, Viavi Healthy Longevity
  • Enhanced service range introduced
Viavi is a really impressive and bespoke service. Their team have been excellent in supporting me in making necessary changes to better manage my health and are now also playing a key role in managing the resilience and performance of some of my colleagues.
Edmund Reed
Managing Partner, Travers Smith