Clients complaint guide

Promise to clients

Viavi Ltd is committed to delivering a high-quality service and endeavour to provide you with excellent personal and professional care whilst at the practice. However, there may be times when your expectations are not met and you are not satisfied with the service you have received.

Our complaints procedure ensures that we respond to your concerns considerately, quickly and as effectively as possible. All comments and complaints are taken seriously, regardless of their nature, medical, nursing or administrative.

This guide outlines our client complaints procedure and gives you advice about how to get a satisfactory response to your customers.

Verbal complaint

Every effort will be made to resolve your complaint immediately whilst you are still at the clinic. However, if your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction then guidance will be given on making a written complaint.

Written complaint

All written complaints should be addressed to Dr Sabine Donnai. The letter should include:

  • Who or what has caused you concern?
  • Where and when the event took place?
  • What action, if any, has already been taken?
  • What result you want from your complaint?

The Registered Manager will investigate the complaint and will write to you with the outcome
within 20 working days.

If the investigation is still in progress, a letter explaining the reason for the delay will be sent and a
full response sent within 5 working days of a conclusion being reached.

If you are unhappy about the outcome of your complaint or the complaint is directed towards the
registered manager, the written complaint should be directed to the Chairman: Mr Christopher

If you wish to escalate the complaint you can request an independent investigation by the
Independent Doctors Federation:

Lettsom House
11 Chandos Street

Tel: 020 3696 4080

Or in writing to the Care Quality Commission:
Finsbury Tower
103 – 105 Bunhill Row

Tel: 03000 616161