We are pioneers in healthy longevity

Our clinical thought leadership and unique integrated approach enables us to predict and proactively manage health and optimise your life.

World leaders in personalised health management

Viavi provides world-class personalised health management, built around each client’s unique data, from DNA to lifestyle.


Unparalleled health evaluations

Viavi builds on the world’s most comprehensive health assessment, including cutting-edge health screening technologies and investigations to help give confidence that there are no serious underlying conditions – such as cancer, heart disease or dementia – and then, uniquely, assesses your health foundations: DNA, epigenetics and lifestyle, microbiome, cognitive and cellular health which is essential to truly predict and manage healthy longevity.


Health strategies with precision

Expert health data interpretation in an integrated and holistic manner to craft personal health strategies precisely focussed on the key priorities for each client.


Team of leading clinicians supporting each client

The Viavi clinical team created the paradigm for proactive health management and continually enhance it, embracing the latest advances in medical science and technologies from around the world. They are leaders in their field. Each client benefits from this expertise through year round support from their personal clinical team.


Trusted by the most discerning clients

Including senior figures from business and finance, entrepreneurs and celebrities, some of whom have been with us from the beginning.

Viavi clients get a profound sense of reassurance

That they don’t have any current health problem or disorder – or if they do, that it is getting the best possible, and most holistic, programme of treatment.
That their personal health risk factors – e.g. DNA, epigenetics, biomarkers, have all been identified, and they have a programme to proactively manage these risks.

That they have the best personalised health strategy and action plan – to fine tune their body and improve its health and performance.

Our approach


Personal health
data collection


Analysis &

individual health strategy

health strategy



We serve a broad variety of clients with very different health needs.

Healthspan Maximisers

Those who are seeking to be as healthy as they possibly can be for as long as possible, and to minimise their biological age.

Guidance Seekers

Those who seek reassurance and want a personal health strategy based on a complete understanding of their health foundations.

Health Improvers

Those not feeling 100%, suffering the pressures of stress and fatigue, who want to return to full performance.

Seriously Unwell

Those who want the best, most holistic support and advice on their condition and its underlying causes.

Viavi is a truly world-class service. In the highly specialised world of medicine today, they are a fantastic beacon to have and a rare find.
Mark Sorour
Board Director, Naspers Group

A wealth of knowledge

Our proprietary approach and unique intellectual property give you unique insight into your individual health circumstances and needs.

The Viavi Pyramid of Healthy Longevity© sets out the relationship between your personal health foundations and all the other aspects of your health. We understand the inter-relationships between these different elements so that we can more accurately predict and proactively manage your health.

Your individual health profile reflects how you are performing on all of these dimensions.

Viavi also continually invests in cutting edge R&D to continually advance its knowledge and understandings.

Because of Viavi I have been able to optimise my health and improve my quality of life within a challenging lifestyle.
Rob Thielen
Chairman, Waterland Private Equity

Global reach

We serve clients from all corners of the globe, both at our London clinic and remotely.

We are retained by leading international organisations ensuring that their key people are as strong and healthy as possible, so reducing business risk. We support family offices and partner wealth management firms, wherever located.

We select the leading international testing laboratories and facilities to ensure that our clients get the very latest tests and access to the most convenient locations. We have a network of the top clinical consultants in the UK, Europe and USA, identifying the very best specialists for each of our clients specific conditions and needs.

Viavi is a 3 Michelin star service with an emphasis on absolute excellence in the highly personalised Health Assessment and Health Strategy world.
Marcus Wareing
Michelin Starred Chef and Restauranteur