Your Viavi programme is totally tailored to you

Each person’s programme is entirely dependent on their individual DNA and health foundations. There are different levels of membership to suit your needs.


Our service

The Viavi health management service is personalised for each member based on their individual DNA, health profile, individual preferences and needs.
It starts with an unusually comprehensive and deep set of investigations including thousands of biomarkers, which are continuously updated as new research and data becomes available.

These are analysed in depth from a holistic point of view by a multi-disciplinary clinical team, uniquely identifying the interconnectivity of the relationships between the different elements – not just considering each individually.

Then a personal health strategy is developed with each client, focusing on the priority areas which will have the greatest impact. This is based on our understanding of links between any issues identified and the underlying causes.

It is followed up with ongoing health management support from our clinical team, including monitoring and regular reviews to ensure that the health strategy optimises each client’s opportunity to improve their health and resilience.


1. Personal health data collection

An initial deep lifestyle and medical evaluation facilitated by a leading physician, testing for any unidentified health issues, reviewing your DNA, cellular health and other health foundations, and assessing current functional performance.

“The Viavi tests are extremely thorough. In the first year Viavi discovered I had a cancer that I wasn’t aware of, and which had not presented any symptoms. So it is a very good early warning system”


2. Analysis & Personalisation

An integrated interdisciplinary assessment that identifies the deep root causes of any conditions, risks or underperformance in the context of each client’s lifestyle and DNA.

“Viavi’s secret sauce is that they interpret the data holistically, and see the fundamental inputs.”


3. Indvidual health strategy

A personalised, practical and focused action plan, developed in partnership with each client and suited to their lifestyle, focusing on the key critical areas for improvement.

“We like that they really tailor-make the assessment and action plan for you.”


4. Health management

A personal and supportive health management programme, with continual monitoring and regular meetings with the Viavi clinical team to enable a long and healthy lifespan.

“We like the tracking. We like seeing where we’ve improved, where we’ve regressed, versus last year and versus the years before. We want to be able to look back and see where we are versus where we were in each area.”

Membership options and fees

  1. The Viavi membership
  2. Viavi Vertex membership
  3. The Viavi Evaluation
  4. Bespoke health management support (for those who are seriously unwell)

1. The Viavi membership

This commences with a highly comprehensive suite of investigations – many of which are not found elsewhere, including thousands of biomarkers – to assess your individual health and challenges. From this we develop a personal health strategy for you based on your full DNA (22,000 genes), epigenetic drivers, cellular health, functional health and the many other investigations we do. It also includes a full year’s support from your personal clinical team. The suite of biomarker tests and investigations in the first year is significantly more extensive than in following years as some tests, such as your DNA profile, need not be repeated.

Core service

Year one:£22,000
Year two and beyond: £17,500

If supplementary investigations are clinically indicated or requested by a member these can be arranged at an appropriate fee.

Optional specialist modules – Members have the opportunity of having more in-depth sets of specialist investigations in areas where they have a particular interest, or where our clinicians identify a particular need. This can include:


  • Longevity module: using the latest testing available to review all markers of aging, speed of aging, numerous biological ages, and identifying all underlying drivers that influence the aging process at the cellular level.
  • Brain Health module: looking at an extensive range of biomarkers that could be harmful to the brain, together with markers which are beneficial to the brain, as well as brain structure, brain mapping, neuro-hormones, blood-brain barrier, Tau protein and amyloid plaque, genetic pre-dispositions and cognitive performance.
  • Gut health module: thorough assessment of your digestive tract, nutrient absorption auto-immune conditions and gut-brain connection, with investigations including gastroscopy and colonoscopy, gut biome and gut metabolome, food antibody testing, leaky gut, SIBO, toxic load on the gut, and digestive enzymes.
  • Toxicity module: in-depth understanding of your toxic load and its impact on your health now and for the future, with investigations including environmental toxins, mould exposure, heavy metal exposure, blood-brain barrier and gut-lining antibodies and genetic ability to detoxify including cytochrome testing and your personal detoxification pathways for medications.

Additional fees for specialist modules

Brain Health: 
Gut Health: £12,000

2. Viavi Vertex membership

The ultimate in personal health management for those seeking the maximum in reassurance. This service builds on the standard membership, incorporating an even wider number of initial investigations and also automatically incorporating many of the elements of the specialist modules.

Core service

Year one: £48,000
Year two and beyond: £38,000–£45,000

Supplementary investigations arranged at an additional fee if clinically indicated or requested by the member.

3. The Viavi Evaluation

For those who want the benefit and reassurance of a world-leading health evaluation and the creation of a personal health strategy, but do not want to commit to the ongoing monitoring and health management support at the outset.

Investigation & health strategy: £14,000

Investigation includes the initial health investigations of the standard membership and an individual health strategy.

If after that members elect to retain us for ongoing support then the fee for the rest of the first year’s membership will be £8,500.

4. Bespoke health management support (for those who are seriously unwell)

This is a bespoke service to help clients case manage and support specific health concerns. This can be because you present to us with a particular health problem or because a serious issue arises during your membership with us.

Per month (min 6 months): £12,000
Per quarter thereafter: £5,000

This excludes tests and investigations which are to be paid for separately as needed, either personally or through their medical insurance.

I originally baulked at the cost – but then realised that the cost of this health management was less than I was paying for wealth management. For me, health management should be as important as wealth management. For me, Viavi is the Private Bank of Health.