Health Improvers


A CEO of an international IT organisation was in a stressful job and starting to feel the strain of the current economic and political climate.

Situation & objective

With the onset of age and frenetic pace of change, this situation was placing strains on his health. He realised that he didn’t have the energy levels he used to have, and that it was an increasing challenge managing the stress and workload. He needed help and to act quickly and was really keen to avoid a burn out.

Viavi support

Following a full diagnostic, Viavi designed a complete, bespoke health enhancement programme. Working on areas such as nutrition, exercise and chemical rebalance, Viavi helped him to regain his energy and ensure his health was more robust so he would not ‘pay the price’ one day for the hectic life he is leading at present. Without having to change his lifestyle and living with the stressors that are out of his control, he still experienced considerable positive change.


He became fitter, more alert and energetic and the recurrent health niggles disappeared. He coped with his workload better. Equally important was that his own time became quality time with family and friends.

“I have become more energetic, thanks to the health plan tailored for me by Dr. Donnai and Jonny. My medical check-up results have changed from amber to green. I cannot recommend VIAVI highly enough to my friends and I will continue the service with them.