Guidance Seekers


A senior international banker

Situation & objective

Having had a mortality shock with the death of both parents in quick succession, he was initially looking for reassurance and peace of mind that he didn’t have impending cancer, cognitive or cardiovascular issues.

He then wanted to slow down the aging process – not to live longer, but to live healthier for as long as he does live.

Viavi support

Viavi not only did a variety of diagnostic checks for possible health issues, and potential sources of ill health with scans, blood tests, urine, stool, saliva and cognitive tests – which gave him the reassurance he was looking for – and also looked at the underlying factors determining health with DNA and epigenetic tests – looking at genetic impact, environmental impact and lifestyle impacts.

In the light of these Viavi developed a tailored health strategy that would work for him, including supplements and an exercise programme, then worked with him to refine the strategy with regular retesting each year.


His data now confirms that he is clinically and biologically younger than he was when he started with Viavi 10 years ago.

If you want to proactively be on top of your health, they are one of the few who go down to DNA level. Viavi give you proactive, deep analysis of your health, including comprehensive checking of your bodily system to make sure you really are well.